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welcome to the Rp community wolfpack!
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below we've provided some things that might be helpful to you, click whatever you may be looking for! 
Welcome to Wolfpack! Wolfpack is a original based character role play site where you can run with the wolves! We ask that you read the guidelines and follow them as if they are what our pack is built on! If you have any questions feel free contacting any one of our staff members! Have fun running with the wolves.

getting started can be a bit stressful, if you feel yourself is lost in the process follow these few quick steps to get your page up and running... first you'll need a name, it can be any name you'd like.( ex: Rome Hunington) second you'll need a face to match your name ( ex: selena gomez) third you'll need to create your story will you be rich, poor, a wolf, a humnan? its all up up to you here! If you need help feel free to contact anyone of the staff members for help!

Wolfpack is now accepting affiliates application, if you'd like to be featured on our main as a proud ' sister site' we ask you fill out the forum, please make sure to already have our button listed and linked prior to submitting your application!

Here at wolfpack we love to recognize our members for being so active and making wolfpack the amazing site that it is! If you feel as if someone you know deserve being member of the month feel free to nominate them! We will pick the member of the month for October on the 1st of October!

we are now accepting staff applications, we have (2) mod spots open (1) reviser spot and (1) admin spot that need to be filled! If you got what it takes then go ahead and join our applications group! We keep our application process open at all times. So sometimes it takes us awhile to pick and choose. Dont forgot to send your applications to Frendy's inbox!
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